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Comer: Deep State Still Shielding Bidens

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Next week James Comer and Jim Jordan will present their case to the GOP Conference to ask for a vote to certify the impeachment inquiry, a vote needed to give Oversight and Judiciary every power possible to get documentation. The Biden Administration refuses to turn over documents, to be deposed or to testify. Comer wants to know why the White House and National Archives won’t turn over thousands of pseudonym emails? And why wouldn’t the Archives tell the committees if the classified documents Joe mishandled related to Ukraine, Russia or China?

Were the Bidens sending classified documents to our enemies around the world? Every American deserves to know the truth. The big obstacle in this investigation has been our own government: the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, the National Archives and the White House have all been obstructing the investigation. That’s why the Committees need certification of the impeachment inquiry and Comer is hopeful they’ll get that vote passed next week. Comer wants to find out who is buying Hunter’s art and he wonders if it’s not the same people who were wiring the Bidens money. There’s a pattern with the people wiring money. They were all in trouble. Everybody fit the pattern of needing something from the government. Comer says this is the Deep State’s line in the sand. They don’t care about Joe Biden. They care about self-preservation. To exist, they need a weak President who is compromised, someone who will never reform or disrupt the way they operate. It’s all about self-preservation for the Deep State.