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Fitton: Quit Funding Biden Abuse of Power

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton says new Speaker Mike Johnson needs to figure out if there’s something he’s willing to shut down the government over. If there’s not, then Biden and the Left win. If there is, then maybe we’ll get a significant policy change. They should agree not to fund the border invasion, or the prosecution of Trump, and we’re not going to let the Biden DOJ interfere in an election. We need to defund these programs because the government is abusing Trump and all Americans by censoring them and allowing the country to be invaded. A report claims Biden is so concerned people are complaining about inflation online that they’re trying to monitor and censor it.

What does this have to do with national security that the White House is monitoring complaints about their policies? Fitton says we’re in a crisis state. We have this lack of respect for the rule of law by those who are supposed to be enforcing it and we have brazen corruption that is being ignored. What Fitton finds frustrating is when Republicans complain, then fully fund the agencies abusing power. Fitton says they need to be held accountable. We all know the racket. The racket is complaining about everything then fully funding everything. That’s not acceptable any more.