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Rinos & Dems Make Congress a Senate Doormat

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Matt Rosendale says the problems we’re facing now are a direct result of almost 3 years of the Joe Biden Administration. Biden’s damaged the economy so severely we’re seeing inflation rates higher than they’ve been in decades, interest rates higher than they’ve been in a decade, people are underemployed and wages can’t keep up with the rate of inflation. Rosendale says we are funding agencies that were never authorized. If we eliminated spending on these unauthorized agencies, we could get close to eliminating the annual deficit.

The national debt is so monumental at $33 trillion, it’s projected to be at $50 trillion in five years. When Rosendale and others proposed reducing discretionary spending by just $100 billion, 86% of the cuts were rejected by Republicans. Who would have thought Wuhan Flu would be found in a research lab in Hamilton, Montana? It was brought to the Rocky Mountain Lab a year before the Covid-19 outbreak by Tony Fauci for risky gain of function experiments. Rosendale has proposed an appropriation amendment to end funding for this deadly and dangerous research.