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Ruthless, Corrupt Biden Wants Trump Jailed

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Trump pollster John McLaughlin’s latest poll shows 68% of all Americans say the country’s on the wrong track, 65% think the economy is getting worse and 84% have been hurt by inflation while more voters say “Bidenomics” is a form of socialism. When asked if voters prefer big government socialism or free market capitalism, they choose capitalism by a 4 to 1 margin. McLaughlin’s polling reveals that all of the indictments against Trump have backfired. 67% of all voters believe politics played a role and 61% of voters believe Biden is behind all the trumped up charges against his political opponent. When asked if there’s a double standard of justice, 82% to 9% of all primary voters say yes. McLaughlin says President Trump is leading Biden in all of the national polls.

Polling shows voters don’t want all these court cases: 85% of primary voters say voters should decide who is President, prosecutors, judges and juries. McLaughlin says his poll shows it’s because they want President Trump to beat Joe Biden.  The Dems don’t want voter ID or ballot security, or election integrity. Voters do. The Dems are the real threat to Democracy, not Donald Trump. The RNC should make it their mission to protect ballots as if they’re sacred. The Dems are trying to undermine American Democracy by bringing in people from around the world illegally, allowing them to vote in our elections. Non-citizens are allowed to vote in Maryland and in Vermont. It’s crazy.