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Comer says Biden is the ringleader

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Chairman James Comer says if Republicans hadn’t won the House and if his Committee didn’t have subpoena power, the American people would never have known about the Biden crime family. They would still think the laptop was Russian disinformation, they’d believe Joe when he said his son never took money from China, that his son was a legitimate businessman. All lies the national media coordinated with Joe Biden and the DNC to make the average American believe.

Comer says he thinks there’ll be a vote on an impeachment inquiry in the next three weeks and he believes it will pass. Comer’s Committee has not only found the Bidens’ many crimes but also found a massive government cover-up. Comer says there’s already more than enough evidence pointing to Joe Biden as the ringleader, not just knowing about the crimes, not just lying about them but being the ringleader. Very coordinated criminal activity. It’s what RICO is all about.

The Committee is finding other crimes including violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, crimes Joe Biden himself has violated. Comer thinks they’ll find even more evidence of Joe Biden, as VP and President, committing crimes. Our federal government has been infiltrated by liberal activists and this investigation will be their Armageddon, and that’s why the government is obstructing, hiding and burying evidence to keep it from the Oversight Committee.