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Conspiracy To Commit Chaos

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sound is 100% in favor of an investigation of the J6 Committee and feels all but a few minutes of the 44,000 hours of video should be released to the public, for security reasons. Speaker Johnson has said there will be a big push to get the truth out of what really happened on J6 and Sund hopes he will follow through because something just didn’t feel right to him about that day. Sund has testified twice about what he saw on J6 and the institutional failings that contributed to that day. Three years later and four Congressional Reports all saying it was an intelligence failure. Sund was not allowed to see intel reports and his requests on Jan. 3rd for more officers, unarmed National Guard and a bigger fence were ignored. Sund says if he had received intelligence like usual and the resources he requested, we wouldn’t be here today. Sund went to Congressional leadership on Jan. 3rd to ask for assistance to call in the National Guard and his requests were denied. Then on Jan 6, it took 81 minutes before the first window was smashed. Sund’s calls for federal assistance were repeatedly denied for over an hour, even while under attack. Sund was removed from his job just hours after J6 and had no involvement in the investigation of the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt by his officer, Lt. Michael Byrd. Byrd was cleared by the DOJ for using “justifiable use of force,” secreted to Joint Base Andrews and housed for six months in a VIP suite at taxpayer expense. Byrd was later promoted to Captain.