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Gordon Chang: “Globalism is Totalitarian”

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

National security and geopolitical analyst Gordon Chang says globalism is inherently totalitarian. Davos and U.N. organizations believe they should control the world. Davos was once highly respected. Now it’s not only an object of derision, it’s also perceived as a threat to freedom and Democracy around the world. Chang says Davos is now on the run. They see that Donald Trump is going to be re-elected and they’re worried Trump will lead a worldwide revolution against globalism. The Biden Administration has been the most globalist Administration ever, and they failed. They saw the Iowa Caucus results, they see the polling and they understand it’s going to be America First again. Chang says the world is falling apart and the United States is not on watch. Iran has attacked Pakistan, Syria and Iraq recently and they’re getting away with it. Chang believes other bad actors around the world will do the same thing. It’s called a prelude to WW3. Chang says we are going to be under attack and the American people need to be prepared. Never before has the Second Amendment been more important. He says not only do people have a right to bear arms, hey have an obligation to bear arms.