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Giuliani: Dems Hijacking NH Primary

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Rudy Giuliani says Dems claim they want to run against President Trump, so why are they indicting him four times? It’s because Trump frightens the living daylights out of the Left. Now they’re trying to hijack the New Hampshire primary by registering Democrats to vote. Last week they were registering Democrats as Republicans to get Dems to vote in the Republican primary. That’s the only chance they have to narrow the race among Republicans. It’s clear the Republican Party wants Trump as their standard bearer, as their candidate. Giuliani doesn’t understand why Haley and DeSantis want to help Biden. Giuliani says it’s ironic that Georgia reeks of corruption yet they want to put him in jail for the rest of his life for being a lawyer, when it looks like the real allegations of crime are committed by the prosecutors, not the people they’ve prosecuted. Giuliani says the minute you talk about a two tiered system of justice, there is no justice at all. Justice has to be the same for everyone. They’ve destroyed our country as a bastion of justice. We can no longer say to the rest of the world that we have an effective system of justice. He says if any other President’s family had received $31 million from Red China, they would have been tried for treason. Then Biden gave up our strategic Bagram Air Base just 400 miles from China against the advice of Gen. Milley. Giuliani says seeing the connection to communism is enormously important. A lot of people see the disparate things going on that are terrible and awful. They don’t realize there’s a connection and the connection is very nefarious and dangerous and some of it is located in Davos.