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Dobbs: Lead, Follow or Else

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Andy Biggs says what Hamas did was inhumane, barbaric, they’re from another century and they’re evil. But it’s no secret or surprise to anyone that Hamas took action so soon after Biden gave $6 billion to Iran, the largest state sponsors of terror in the world. Biden’s weakness facilitated this. Now the Taliban is asking Iran if they can pass through to help Hamas using American munitions and weaponry Biden chose to leave behind in the failed Afghanistan withdrawal. Biggs says Israel is one of the most capable fighting forces in the world. They need to act with decisiveness and boldness to make sure they can never be attacked like this again.

The Congressman hopes a new Speaker will provide one more exit from the Uni Party. It hindered Donald Trump’s Presidency and prevented Republicans from doing everything they wanted to do. We still have Obamacare because of the Uni Party. Biggs says we have to get rid of the Uni Party and move to the America First movement. He says that’s what this is all about. The last 3 GOP Speakers could not negotiate and gave the Dems everything they wanted. The country cannot take any more lip service to border security, no more bad CR’s. It’s time to do the 12 budget bills and put pressure on the Administration to actually enforce border laws. In his lifetime, Biggs says he’s seen just the bad stuff get pushed through, not the good.