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GOP Cheers Trump’s Huge Wins

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Former Senior White House Advisor Peter Navarro says President Trump’s 2 hour speech at CPAC demonstrated his mental acuity in contrast with the guy sitting in the White House and says it’s a national shame. Navarro says he could be going to prison in the next few weeks simply for doing his duty to the Constitution, for a crime that was never a crime. He is be the first Senior White House Advisor ever charged. Similar to what they’re doing to President Trump—using a tortured, twisted application of inapplicable laws to try to deny Americans the opportunity to choose their next President. Navarro says he never thought we would get to this point but here we are and we have to acknowledge it. As Navarro appeals, he says his case will be a landmark case over the separation of powers going back to George Washington. Navarro says his case is about how a Democrat controlled Congress assaulted Executive Privilege and abused their subpoena power. Navarro faces four months in prison but takes strength in President Trump and all he’s facing, four indictments, 700 years in prison and the theft of his property in New York. Navarro says the Dems are economic Marxists but Stalinists and Communists in the way they’ve weaponized the justice system. By the time Navarro’s case got to the jury, the judge had already stripped him of every defense and his guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion. That’s the way courts in Russia and China are run. Navarro says 2016 was the most important election in a very long time. As Trump now says, 2024 is light years more important. Navarro says we must mobilize to win and get Trump back in the White House so he can go about the business of de-weaponizing our justice system, fix immigration, the economy and our national security.