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Great Patriot under attack

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Mike Lindell has been under cyber attack every day since his Election Integrity Summit two weeks ago. His call center was also hit with threats. He believes they want to take out his company “My Pillow” so he has no money left to fight to secure our elections.

Lindell says it’s one of the worst attacks he’s had since 2021 after he saw problems with the 2020 election. Lindell believes these attacks are related to a new device he unveiled at his Election Summit, WMD “Wireless Monitoring Device,” that can detect when a voting machine is connected to the internet. Lindell is also financing a nationwide group of 300K people, “Cause of America,” a grassroots effort devoted to election integrity. They’ll be looking for criminal activity at the local level and report it to his Election Crime Bureau staffed with cyber experts and lawyers. Mike has also worked to get the RNC to fix it’s election platform.

The RNC recently voted in 10 resolutions on voter integrity that acknowledge problems with electronic voting systems and supports paper ballots. The RNC now supports the rights of any county and state willing to implement any procedures that do not require the use of machines and instead use paper ballots and hand counting which is fully auditable. Other resolutions include, promoting same day voting, paper ballots and the RNC is against the use of drop boxes. Lindell says the RNC is now standing up for what unites us as a party.