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Israel Crush Hamas, But Limit War

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Photo by Ahmad Hasaballah/Getty Images

Col. Doug Macgregor says the U.S. should be concerned that the Israelis execute this mission to their satisfaction while at the same time preventing this event from becoming a wider war. We don’t have the ammunition, the missiles and the rockets to supply anyone else at this stage. We’re spending ourselves into oblivion in Ukraine. Macgregor has seen the Israeli fortifications around the Gaza strip and was shocked that Hamas fighters breached Israeli security as easily and rapidly as they did. The enemy managed to do something no one expected or anticipated.

They managed to coordinate, organize and plan without tipping their hand. The Hamas terrorists are behaving very much like ISIS. The challenge right now is not letting this get out of control and become a regional war possibly dragging in the Russians, Iranians and Chinese. We need dipllomacy in D.C. and he doesn’t see any evidence of anyone doing it. This whole thing could blow up very suddenly into something we don’t want. The Israelis have excellent technology and weapons systems. The only thing they may not have enough of is ammunition because they shipped a huge quantity of their artillery ammunition to Ukraine at our insistence. Macgregor is CEO of “Our Country, Our Choice” uniting Dems and Republicans around critical issues. Number one is ending these endless wars overseas. Go to: ourcountryourchoice.com