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Israel — Never Again

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Dr. Eli David joins Lou from Tel Aviv to discuss the Israeli war with Hamas. He says for the past two decades what Israel has done with Hamas is a bit like what Winston Churchill described. An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last. Some hoped Hamas was really not a terror organization. And while they said they wanted to massacre Jews, no one believed them.

We learned we should listen to our enemies and not interpret in our Liberal civilized world what we wanted to hear. Hamas has said for years they wanted to massacre Jews and that is exactly what they did. The Gaza Strip has a border with Egypt. Egypt could easily open the border and let the so called innocent civilian refugees flee into Egypt. They’re not doing that. Why? Because these people, given the opportunity, would gladly slaughter Egyptians, too. David says they are not going to die like sheep like they did in the 40’s. The entire nation has come together and the disagreements they had before are no longer relevant. The country has come together and everyone is behind the government. The entire nation is looking forward to dealing with the evil on their borders.

Barak Shmuel, a young American-Israeli joins Lou from his home in Askelon, Israel. He describes how his life changed on Saturday morning when Hamas brutally attacked his country. The 17 year-old said it’s scary but he’s confident Israel will do whatever is necessary. They’re fighting for their country and whatever needs to be done will be done.