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Jim Jordan: Marxist Dems on the Run

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan said an FBI Whistleblower produced an email the federal government sent Bank of America suggesting BofA look at all debit and credit card purchases around J6, 2021 around the D.C. area to overlay that information with any gun purchases at the time. Jordan said the initial documents they received sounded a lot like the memo the FBI put out a year ago targeting pro-life, traditional Catholics as potential domestic violent extremists. Jordan said Hunter sold $1.5 million of his art. His attorney Kevin Morris bought $875,000 of it but only paid the gallery it’s commission, not the full price. Morris and another big Dem donor made most of the purchases. The House is also conducting an investigation of the J6 Committee and the deletion of files. J6 chairman Bennie Thompson sent information to the Biden White House instead of making it available to Congress and the new incoming Republican majority. Jordan says that’s problematic and Congressman Barry Loudermilk is leading that investigation.