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Jordan Demands 702 Respect Civil Rights

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan says the FBI has abused so many things including the main FISA program. One of the reforms coming out of his Committee will allow representatives from Judiciary to be present in the courtroom to watch FISA proceedings. Jordan says this is the same FBI that spied on President Trump’s campaign and we’re supposed to reauthorize FISA without change? This is the same FBI that queried the database and didn’t follow their own rules 278,000 times. Jordan’s not against reauthorizing FISA Section 702. He’s against doing it in a way that doesn’t protect American’s civil liberties.

That’s been the sole focus of Republicans on the Judiciary Committee and some Democrats as well. Jordan says when President Trump is re-elected, he should fire everyone he’s allowed to fire and a few he’s not allowed to fire just to make sure they sue him and we send the message that the bureaucracy is changing under President Trump. Jordan believes the House has a compelling Biden corruption case. He says there will be a vote next week and they will move to a formal impeachment inquiry with the entire House backing it up, not just a statement from the Speaker.