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Kash Patel: Obama Marxists Run Biden

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Kash Paul says Nevada is run by a corrupt bunch of establishment RINOs who have allowed a Nevada primary to be held two days before their caucus despite knowing it’s meaningless as delegates are awarded based on caucus results. Yet they sent mail-in ballots to every home in the state for the meaningless primary. Trump is not on the primary ballot. Nikki Haley is, so the media will run with headlines of Haley winning Nevada’s primary. Patel points out that the entire 2023 budget for the U.S. Marine Corps is $53 billion. With the stroke of a pen, the Senate wants to give Ukraine $60 billion. They care more about Ukraine than they do the United States and the men and women who defend us. Patel says when you create a swamp monster like we have in Washington, D.C. and you use it to enrich people who don’t really care about putting America first, and you do it year after year, it’s a cabal that will be hard to break up. President Trump will focus on this fiscal corruption. Patel says we have to remember the House and Senate are on the ballot with President Trump in November. And if we don’t win both chambers, we’re going to hamstring him with a Congress run by Marxist Democrats. The Senate’s border bill is a genuflection to Joe Biden. We don’t need a bill to fix the border. We need a President who will bring back the Trump policies he eliminated. And Biden could do it overnight. Patel wants everyone to remember that Feb. 6th is a meaningless Nevada primary. Feb. 8th is the important caucus for awarding Nevada’s delegates to President Trump.