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Ken Paxton – Truth, Justice and Texas

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says his impeachment process began behind closed doors, with no transparency, no opportunity to respond, no due process and was largely controlled by Democrats. Paxton believes they were doing the bidding of the Biden Administration which was tired of Paxton suing them. The Attorney General has sued them 48 times since Biden took office.

Paxton says what’s going on in this country is scary. It’s starting to look a lot like other totalitarian countries. He says we need someone to reconstruct the DOJ and FBI from the ground floor up. Leadership at both agencies has been so corrupted that they are no longer credible or trustworthy. This is a government that doesn’t care about doing the right thing anymore and goes after innocent people to ruin their lives. It’s scary for a country that’s never had to live under these conditions. Paxton is grateful to the people of Texas who elected him and supported him in this battle and promises to continue to fight for a Constitutional form of government.