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Lawless Biden Regime

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Keith Self

Congressman Keith Self believes Republicans must pass the appropriations bills. They have eight days left before a govt. shutdown. Self says there’s a movement across the country of people who are frustrated with federal govt., with federal spending, with inflation inflicted on them and with the weaponization that is targeting them. And Self says there’s a group of committed Conservatives looking for the best way to help them.

Self says the Biden Regime is lawless and they think Congress is irrelevant. They think the border is irrelevant. They think the law is irrelevant. More funding is not the answer so how do we get the Biden Administration to obey the law and execute the law as they’re sworn to do? It’s an open border no matter what Majorkas says. We have 11 bills to pass in 7 days. That’s going to take an effort but Self says that’s what they have to do.

Self’s two hero’s are President Trump because he keeps fighting and Sen. Tommy Tuberville because he’s been standing up to the DOD since March because the DOD is breaking the law. Self doesn’t see the same commitment he saw when 60 democrats lost their seats after passing Obamacare. He doesn’t see the same commitment today on the right.