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Mike Benz: Military Controls America

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Cyber expert and free speech advocate, Mike Benz (@mikebenzcyber) says in 2016, AI censorship didn’t exist so it had to be flagged manually on the internet. Development was supercharged after the 2016 election and AI now allows them to censor tens of millions of comments. Now they have their hands on AI weapons of mass deletion. A whole of society censorship network was set up. They needed the govt. to be the quarterback. Gov. agencies, private institutions such as tech and publishing companies, civil society institutions like universities and activist groups, along with media and fact checking organizations. Together they were blasting millions of posts off the internet. The Pentagon was at war with Donald Trump. He reversed the foreign policy of Obama, Bush, Romney and McCain. The Pentagon is the largest employer in the country, larger than any private company with 2 million employees and it gets the most federal money of any federal agency. Benz says tucked within the State Dept. is the Global Engagement Center initially set up to censor ISIS propaganda, the same exact thing they would do to critics of mail-in ballots or Covid. The guy who founded the censorship center within the State Department, Rick Stengel, was Obama’s propagandist-in-Chief. After social media cost the Dems the 2016 election, he wrote a book calling for the end of the First Amendment because it allows people to be elected who might undermine Democracy. It went from exporting the First Amendment to ending it, all because they lost an election to Donald Trump.