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Poisoning America

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Former DEA Agent Derek Maltz says we’re being overrun with reckless policies facilitating the ability of the Cartels and Chinese to kill Americans in historically high numbers. Hundreds of thousand OD’d in the last three years. We now have ghost criminals, people are here committing crimes and we have no idea who they are. They’re coming from countries that can’t stand America. The country is being saturated with poisonous substances and the American people are ignoring it. There’s an extensive organized crime ring with gangsters operating across the country. With news of shootings daily, it’s hard to understand how Democrats can accept the lack of law and order and chaos. Maltz says Biden had a deliberate plan from the very beginning and it’s actually destabilizing and destroying America. They’re facilitating criminal and terror networks around the world to accomplish their radical agendas which is to destroy America. We have to look at the primary threat to our homeland security which is the Mexican Cartels. Sex trafficking and human trafficking are at historic levels. Maltz says we need precision strikes on the Cartel command and control. If Mexico doesn’t want to participate, we have to do what’s in the best interest of Americans. Right now the Cartels are operating with impunity. They’re aligning themselves with Chinese criminals. We have to take action but we need the right leaders to step in and take care of business.