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Our Enemies Within

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Bernie Kerik says the White House doctor who will not advise Joe Biden to undergo neurological or cognitive testing for his annual physical is just like the rest of the Democrat Party who have been ignoring his continual decline since 2020. No one thought this guy could be elected President because of it and now he doesn’t know the difference between Mexico and Egypt. Americans don’t stand up the way they should. Republican leadership lacks the courage and integrity to stand up for the country. They go along with McConnell and Romney and you can’t tell who the enemy is because of these chameleons in the government. We can’t sustain an open border beyond the next election if Donald Trump is not back in the White House. He is the only one who can do what needs to be done, given the times we live in. If Trump is not elected, Kerik sees a complete implosion of the government, possibly a civil war of some type. 80 million people voted for Trump and they’re sick of their Constitutional rights being trampled by the Marxist Left. There is a clear and present danger in what these Marxists are doing to the country. Kerik and Giuliani believe there was a massive conspiracy within the FBI, DOJ, DEM Party and voting machine companies. They all had one thing in mind, get Biden elected. What Kerik and Giuliani found in their investigation was overwhelming improprieties and fraud. How do 500,000 ballots show up between 1:00 and 5:00 am in Pennsylvania? The Dems were doing everything to conceal and suppress it and stop anyone looking for fraud.