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Mike Davis: 4 1/2 Women

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Article 3 Project’s Mike Davis said 4 1/2 women (Sotomayor, Kagan, Barrett, Jackson and the Chief Justice Roberts) ruled the Biden Administration can cut Texas razor wire and allow the invasion at our southern border. There was no explanation of their decision, no oral arguments and no briefings allowed. Just a disastrous ruling. Davis says Article 4, Section 4 specifically states the United States shall guarantee to every state in the union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of the states against invasion. The Administration is derelict in its duty and Republicans need to step up and start impeaching. Davis says Biden is trying to import future Democrat voters and we might as well mail ballots to Guatemala to save time. Davis says Chief Justice Roberts invites political terrorism by the Left where they attack courts and protest outside Justices’ homes. The court’s lifetime tenure is supposed to insulate Justices from politics but when you make these political decisions to appease your political opponents, you invite this political terrorism by the Left. DC prosecutors and judges have contorted federal laws to go after their political enemies. They’ve politicized and weaponized the justice system to go after President Trump, his aides, his lawyers and his supporters. Meanwhile they refuse to investigate the corrupt Biden family and gave amnesty to BLM, Antifa and Hamas supporters. Davis says it must get fixed in the Trump 47 Administration. We need to go after Democrats for their real crimes.