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No Justice Under Marxist Dems’ Tyranny

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Jake Lang

Lou talks with J6 political prisoner Jake Lang in his prison cell—where Jake is spending his third Christmas away from his family.  Jake says he finds liberty in the spirit of the Lord, despite being jailed unjustly for more than 1,000 days. Jake hasn’t had a trial, and no trial date set—because he says the DOJ does not want his story told. On January Six, Lang was at the violent west tunnel of the White House where he says Roseanne Boyland died in his arms, bludgeoned to death by batons used by the Capitol Police and chemically asphyxiated with pepper spray. Lang says the DOJ does not want the murder of an unarmed American woman to come out. He believes that’s the main reason he has not been afforded his right to a trial in a reasonable time…not in three years. Lang has been shuffled through 13 different prisons, tortured and stuck in solitary confinement most every place he’s been. He says this is real life tyranny for hundreds of J6 prisoners. This is what tyranny looks like. Lang says his crime was defending defenseless people. He believes they were going to kill more unarmed innocent Americans. He and other J6 men formed a wall around elderly and defenseless women and veterans to protect them. Prosecutors offered Lang a plea deal—a 9 year prison sentence. He and his lawyers turned it down believing in his innocence and Lang says he’s had a target on his back ever since. He has written a book “Patriot Prisoner” by Jake Lang describing in excruciating detail what it’s like to be a political prisoner in America. To purchase, donate to Jake Lang at GiveSendGo.com and to help all J6ers with monthly expenses please go to: sponsorj6.com