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RINO’s on the Run

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Attorney Mike Davis, head of A3P, says the Dems have become a party of misfits, Marxist BLM and terrorist sympathizers cheering on these terrorist attacks. He wonders why Biden has left our border wide open? What does Biden think will happen in America when he invites in fighting age men from terrorist hotspots? The Marxist Left plays for keeps while Conservatives play by old rules. The Marxist Dems want to destroy us, destroy our country and everything we stand for. They want mass imports from Third World Marxist countries that do not share American values. It’s time for Republicans to understand we’re dealing with the real enemy here.

We need to fight fire with fire. Davis says it’s time for House Republicans to move forward quickly on the impeachment inquiry because we can’t have a compromised President like we have right now. Once we have a new Speaker, they need to issue subpoenas for Hunter, James and Joe Biden and every Biden member who received foreign corruption money needs to be hauled before Congress. Davis says the budget will be a huge test for the next Speaker. If House Republicans do not appropriate money to the Executive branch, the Executive branch doesn’t get the money. It’s time for the GOP to draw the line and say you’re going to take the budget we give you. The appropriation process is so important because House Republicans can place riders on each bill refusing federal funding for things like gender affirming care and BLM. Then let Dems or Biden shut down the govt. to appease their radical constituents. It’s where Republicans can draw the line. This doesn’t require wit, it just requires will.