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Tom Homan: Time To Shut It Down?

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Tom Homan, former Trump Director of ICE, asks when we get 300 people on the terrorist watch list at our southern border, when we have 112,000 dead Americans from fentanyl, when there are 1,700 dead migrants on U.S. soil, when we have a 600% increase in child and female sex trafficking across the border, when is its time to shut it down? Homan says the Mexican Drug Cartels have operational control of our southern border. They decide what comes in, who comes in, and when it comes in. The criminal cartels have this operational control because the Biden Administration gave it to them. And he says no one celebrated the 2020 election more than the Mexican Drug Cartels based on Joe Biden’s campaign promises. They knew they were back in business. Biden has not held China accountable for the precursors they send to Mexico to make fentanyl. Homan says Trump will hold both China and Mexico accountable. This administration has done nothing to slow down the flow of fentanyl. Last month, Homan says every single uniformed officer in several sectors were pulled off the line to process border crossers. You don’t think the Cartels had a field day with that? If they don’t impeach Mayorkas, Homan says something’s very wrong.

GUEST: TOM HOMAN, former Trump Dir. of ICE