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U.S. War Stocks Almost Empty

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Col. Doug Macgregor says he wants to help Israel and wants to see them survive but we’re not acting in a way that would help Israel save itself. There are 90 million Turks, almost the same number of Iranians. Do we think 6 million Israelis will prevail? For the moment Israel is focusing on annihilating Hamas but it’s rapidly growing into a regional conflict. All of the Muslim Arab states from Morocco to Indonesia are upset with what the Israelis are doing in Gaza because they see it as disproportionate. Macgregor believes they’re reaching the point where they’re willing to take action collectively against Israel. Iran has an enormous arsenal capable of reaching all of Israel.

Turkey could put 2 million men in the field with a naval fleet of more than 100 ships. Pakistan has said they would lend support to the Turks in the form of nuclear warheads. Egypt wants to put 200K on the border. Gen. el-Sisi doesn’t want war but he may not have a choice because his people are enraged and want to protect the Arab population in Gaza. Macgregor thinks we’re overwhelmed. The Israelis are in a very difficult position and should reconsider the wisdom of pressing ahead in Gaza. Israel is isolated in the region, The U.S. is their only friend and we don’t have the forces and very few war stocks. Macgregor says we’ve emptied almost everything into this pit called Ukraine. The war in Ukraine is lost. We’re trying to keep it on life support at the same time we’re confronted with a much larger, more dangerous situation. Macgregor believes Russia will stand by the Iranians and Turks so the best option for the U.S. and Israel is to work out a ceasefire.