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What if Congress Killed FISA?

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Just the News’ John Solomon points out a clear pattern with Joe Biden. Biden said he had nothing to do with his son’s business…yes, he did. He said the family never got money from China…yes, they did. He said he never met any of Hunter’s business partners…yes, he did and regularly. He met with the Chinese and he met with Ukrainian officials —and the Oversight Committee has evidence of at least two dozen contacts in person or on the phone. Solomon says the real question is why did the DOJ, FBI and Treasury Departments see 170 suspicious activity banking reports, yet no one investigated Biden? There was a real protection racket in place, and it protected the Bidens from facing the application of the law.

Conservatives and liberal ACLU are against renewal of the FISA Act. They realize the FBI has trampled the civil liberties of Americans for a very long time and that 702 has crushed Fourth Amendment rights. The FBI was spying on members of the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate Judiciary. Those who want to rubber stamp FISA have allowed the Deep State to grow; the intrusion by the federal government is at an all time high.